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Questions and answers about AIR including eligibility, terms and conditions and who AIR works with.

» What is AIR?
» Can anyone sign up for AIR?
 » What if I work as an artist and an arts organiser?
 » How will AIR work with other artists’ organisations?
 » As part of our Open Studios event we would like to serve and charge for teas. Is this covered within the AIR Public and Products Liability insurance?

Q What is AIR?

As an integral part of the a-n Artist subscription you become a membership of AIR – Artists’ Interaction & Representation and get immediate access to a portfolio of new benefits:

Welcome pack – Good practice publications and AIR information
£5m Public and products liability insurance – for UK-based artists only
Low cost artists insurance policy
Free What’s on listings + image throughout the year on
Open dialogues – meet like-minded artists at events organised around the UK.
AIR e-bulletin – for invites, information and consultation
10% off any a-n advert
Prizes and discounts – books, supplies, services and events
AIR Advisory Group – leading research and campaigns, representing artists’ views and needs to others

Password to with 24/7 access to all online resources including:

Personalised alerts when new entries are posted on the daily updated Opportunities and jobs on

Knowledge Bank – online research resource on artists’ strategies for Making a living, Profile and promotion, Time and space and Professional practice, includes practical guidance on self-employment matters including interactive toolkits on contracts, fees and professional development

Publications – all new and back titles in downloadable formats.

Q Can anyone sign up for AIR?

AIR is open only to practising visual and applied artists and only available as an integral part of an a-n Artist subscription. You only need to sign up for AIR once – you won’t need to do so each time you renew your subscription. Your AIR membership will only expire if your subscription lapses.

Practising artists who live outside of the UK can sign up for AIR with their Artist subscription, although they can’t benefit from the Public and products liability insurance – prices for non-UK based a-n+AIR membership vary because of postage costs.

You will be entitled to attend and vote at any meetings of Artist Members and have the other rights set out in the company’s constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association), a copy of which is available by post on request. In the event of the company winding up, you would be liable for the sum of £5. Artist Members will also be invited to join any Artists Advisory Groups that the a-n Board forms to help it represent the views of artists more effectively.’.

Q What if I work as an artist and an arts organiser?

You can be in a-n+AIR as an artist and use AIR benefits in that capacity. It’s important AIR is an environment where issues can be freely discussed and knowledge shared amongst artists.

Q How will AIR work with other artists’ organisations?

We urge artists to join national organisations like Scottish Artists’ Union and Visual Artists Ireland, as appropriate, with whom AIR hopes to partner on campaigns and advocacy. a-n and AIR will seek to raise awareness of good practice amongst members of Engage (gallery education), Museums Association, NALGAO (local authorities) and VAGA (galleries and curators).

Q As part of our Open Studios event we would like to serve and charge for teas. Is this covered within the AIR Public and Products Liability insurance?

The serving of food and drink would be covered by the policy provided it was an ancillary activity to the principal activities covered by the policy, which in this case would be the display and sale of your art. The insurers would not wish to pick up the risks of a commercially run café, etc. The policy would also provide legal defence costs for any prosecution brought under Part 2 the Food Safety Act 1990. Note however if you are an artists' group, you may need to check whether the group itself requires its own insurance,as the AIR subscription only provides the above insurance to an individual subscribing artist.

First published: October 2007

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